Colour Selection Tool

Give our colour selector tool a try – simply click on each colour swatch and watch the house change colour. To get a closer look at all 4 woodstains, click the tab to the left of the page and simply select the woodgrain of your choice. Once you’ve found your favourite colour you can request a sample or view a selection at your nearest branch.

Note: The computer generated image may lead to deviations from the original pattern or shade. If needed, please request an original sample

Marley Eternit’s comprehensive colour range provides a wide variety to suit any project requirement. Cedral Weatherboard is available in 24 solid colours and 4 woodstain shades. Please refer to the downloadable colour chart for the complete list of colours and woodstains.
Cedral Weatherboard touch up paint is also available in 0.5 litre quantities. Touch-up paint proves useful when the planks have minor damage from installation, light edge chipping or if you want to blend in timber already on the building or a surrounding area.