Finishing Details

Cedral Weatherboard (formerly Marley Eternit  Cedral)  is easy when it comes to installation. The only requirements for installation are the planks, the nails and the corner trims. You will probably also need other finishing details to achieve a professional finished look. Corner trims tidy up the corner edges where two planks meet and protect the gap against potential bird, insects or water ingress and can be colour matched to the boards. There will undoubtedly be features within the walls which may require additional finishing’s- like around windows, balconies, ventilation units or plinths. In this instance, you can achieve a clean, sealed finish by using one of the corner trims that sit behind the boards on one side and butt up against the wall on the other.  Give us a call for more information on the trims and accessories and we’ll put you through to a Cedral specialist.

Recommended Trims:

Symmetric External corner Internal corner Start profile End profile
External corner

Provides protection
for external
corners while adding
a beautiful finish
Internal corner
Creates a seal on
an inside corner by
connecting the trim
with the corner
Start profile
Used to begin the
run and cover up
the first fixing point
End profile
Conceals any sharp
corners and protects
the rim from any
Connection profile Joint profile vertical External corner/window reveal (asymmetric)

Used as an end trim
on a single plank
Joint profile

For jointing detail
External corner/window
reveal (asymmetric)

Used on external corners or
window detailing


Perforated closure External corner junction Metal Flash Guard
Perforated closure
Protects against outside
intrusions such as pests and
External corner junction
Corner jointing
*only available in black
Metal Flash Guard
Diverts water passages
away from the structure